Our vision is to give children, at Abbey Farm ET a Science Overview (Document available below) which enables them to explore and discover the world around them confidently and gain a deeper understanding of the world we live in.

We teach Science practically and interactively whenever possible. We want children to pose questions and answer them as well as setting up their own investigations and recording data. They will acquire and apply core skills which equip them for an ever-changing world.

At the end of each half term, children complete a focused assessment task using resources from Bath Spa University. These tasks are practical, engaging and fun and in no way resemble a test. Children’s understanding is gauged through their drawings, comments and written explanations instead of answers to test questions. Click below for a science assessment example.

We teach children about the work of scientists and their contribution to the modern world and encourage them to view themselves as potential scientists and understand the wide range of work they could do. We are careful to ensure this includes contributions of women and black scientists, to challenge stereotypes and preconceptions.

Science Week is also a big part of Science at Abbey Farm and every year in March, a whole week is dedicated to science projects and workshops.


Science Overview

Science Assessment Example