Friends of Abbey Farm Fundraising

Hello from the FPTA:

The Friends of Abbey Farm PTA was formed at the end of the last academic year. We had our first meeting on Monday, we are all very keen to get started and enhance what is already an amazing school.

Most schools have a PTA, which exists to help raise valuable funds for the school. At Abbey Farm ET we have a unique challenge; as a very new school and newly formed PTA we have much more we need to buy with very limited resources to start with.

We have naturally started on £0, with an aim to raise £15,000 to enable us to order valuable equipment for the school. Some of the equipment that the school would like include; shade sails to provide shade in each class playground so the children can still play outside on very sunny days and large outdoor play equipment such as climbing frames.

As a newly formed FPTA, we cannot register as a charity until our annual funds have gone over £5000. This means we can’t access certain grants or fundraising opportunities, also some big companies won’t offer raffle prizes etc. without a registered charity number. Hitting that first £5000 mark is a crucial milestone for us as it will open up a lot of opportunities.


Ways in which you can help are:

  • Follow us on Facebook (Friend's of Abbey Farm PTA) to stay up to date with events and fundraising ideas -
  • Donate money, items for raffles or decorations for events
  • Volunteer – you do not need to join the PTA to get involved with events
  • Tell your family & friends about fundraising events such as our Christmas market.