Headteacher Welcome

Welcome to Abbey Farm Educate Together Primary.

We are excited to open our new school in September 2022 to the first cohorts of Reception Class and Pre-school. As an experienced Headteacher, with 20 years in education, mostly spent in the Swindon area, I am excited to develop a new school.

Educate Together really did shine out to me as a school I could align with. The opportunity to work with an organisation fully supportive of an all-inclusive education could not be missed. Very simply, I want to create a thriving, caring, forward thinking new school that meets the core principles of Educate Together whilst having some unique Swindon elements, linked to our local community.

We are part of the Educate Together Academy Trust and as such, we are an equality-based school where we live by the mottos ‘no child an outsider’ and ‘learn together to live together’.

Our school celebrates diversity, individuality and respects each child’s identity and that of their family equally. This enables us to develop the whole child, encouraging all children to excel. Our unique ethical curriculum and our core principles enable us to create a nurturing learning environment which develops the skills children need to be global citizens for the increasingly diverse society in which we live.

Abbey Farm will work towards becoming a Rights Respecting School and this education is embedded in all interactions and explicitly taught. This supports and underpins our unique ethical Learn Together curriculum that is taught throughout the school.