Ofsted and Performance



As a new school, we received a pre-registration visit from Ofsted on June 17th. We are delighted to say that Ofsted have now submitted their report to the DfE, with no conditions for opening attached.

This visit is for Ofsted and the Department for Education to ensure we are fully prepared for opening in September. It involved a scrutiny of documentation, safeguarding, visit to the site alongside indepth questions to a variety of school and Trust members.

Whilst the visit is  different to a full school inspection, this is a crucial step for the school and confirms that we have crossed all the t’s and dotted all the i’s.

Following opening, the school will then be ready to welcome an Ofsted inspection in its third year of operation.

If you would like to view a recent Ofsted report from a fellow ETAT school, click here.


Performance Information


Whilst we do all statutory evaluations, alongside our teachers day-to-day monitoring and observations, a new school doesn’t have published performance data until their first Year 2 SAT’s year. These results are from a small sample of pupils and it can take many years for the data to show ‘trends’.

Whilst this data builds over the years, we will be sharing other data and results with the Local Governing Board and parent/carers, periodically and would encourage anyone interested to get in touch.

Of course, you can always visit one of our other ETAT schools and check out their results!