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Pre-school tours 2024

Before booking a tour, please note that if you would like a pre-school place in April 2024 we are now full.

We are so excited to welcome local families onto our school through our series of tours.  Places on each tour are limited, so we can answer all your questions and keep the learning environment calm for our current children.

You will be shown around the school facilities, with a chance to see our pre-school class in action. We do recommend coming along without your child, if possible (they can get a little bored of adults talking) but if childcare is an issue, we would rather you visit with your child than miss out on the tour!

There are a range of dates and tickets are limited to two per family to allow everyone a chance to get a tour.

You can book your tickets here.


Visit the tabs below for further info and let us know if you have further questions and/or ideas.


One of the most common questions we get asked on the school tours is, ‘Do you set home work for the children?’


As the school grows, we will create a homework policy that works for both our children and parents.  Homework is always a challenging area as many families have strong views on what it should be.  Some families advocate for a quite rigorous structure, at a high level, so that pupils are ‘used’ to homework, by the time that they leave Year 6, in preparation for secondary where there is no opt out clause.  Others believe it infringes on family time and do not wish to participate.

At AFET we will be consulting our community as the children move through the year groups but have found in the past that a choice of topic projects alongside reading, and maths works well and can be adapted for all situations.

When children start in Reception, they are given a reading book that is directly linked to their phonics learning and a ‘free choice’ reading book.  This is currently all that is set.  The reading scheme we use is ‘Little Wandle’ and has a range of additional activities for parents to do with their child if they wish and Chloe emails weekly, the sound that is being taught.

We use our communication platform Tapestry to share things that the children are exploring at home and school, all learning outside of school is homework in a way and the adventures they have at home with their family are as valuable as their reading book.


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